Experiences immersives

XR or real-time 3D

A virtual production mode that allows you to simulate sets, landscapes, etc., all in real time.
A 100% immersive experience for product presentations, computer graphics, data, with 2D or 3D content.

Virtual and augmented reality

Virtual reality allows us to see, via a headset, a whole virtual world as if it were in front of us. Augmented reality allows you to see 3D objects superimposed on the real world. These technologies open up a wide range of possibilities in an event or live context (event decorations, VR artists, virtual graffiti, etc.) which can be customised.

RFID / iBeacon technologies

Personalized participant experience and KPIs feedback thanks to these technologies that allow an object to be associated with a contactless connection. A badge, bracelet or card can identify a person and perform actions: share a status on social networks, collect information, display personalised content as they pass by.

Applied to an event, beacons are connected objects that allow interaction with a Bluetooth-enabled mobile app.


Animation of all types of volumes or surfaces, by projecting light or videos onto volumes. Mapping allows us to recreate large images on relief structures or to recreate 360° universes, which allows for increased immersion in a given universe.


Projection of an image onto a transparent surface in order to give a floating impression to a 3D image. Several formats can be considered for video production or events (Kino-mo fan, pepper ghost, pyramid hologram for smartphone or Holobox).

connected experience

Dedicated Web APP or Mobile APP

Creation and provision of Web app (accessible on a web browser without downloading) or mobile applicationss event applicationsnetworking solutions, content sharing, interactivity or gaming.

Platforms and Automation

Event management with advanced registration solutionsadvanced registration, ticketing, check-in management, venue mapping, automated communication campaigns (email or SMS).
Dashboards monitoring and reporting in real time.


Dynamic display content generated by participants around a hashtag or an account. Flexible display solutions and flexible formats depending on the event.